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About Us

Shane Olsen - 365 Solutions Owner

Shane Olsen

Shane is the proud father of four children. Three girls Autumn, Angel, Sacora & his youngest is his seven year old son Skylan. A true Cornhusker fan born & raised from Omaha,Nebraska. Working for his uncle’s HVAC business during the summers in college is where he started his journey in the trades. Over the past 20 years, I’ve managed & operated in a sales oriented capacity & in the HVAC Trades businesses. I’ve excelled in managing an entire HVAC company of 85 employees doing millions in revenue. Most enjoyable to me however is connecting with homeowners, one to one, in their living room & creating connections. The same goes for my co-workers and staff. Creating winning teams is not easy, but very rewarding.

My passion in life is leading teams and people. I love the differences in people and connections that they make as a unified group has always been enjoyable for me. Bringing out the most an individual has to offer and then how they integrate in a team to make it better is my greatest joy.

My vision for 365 solutions is to be VERY consumer focused. Industry best response times with highly talented service techs. A customer service team that is homeowner obsessed & very motivated. Our goal is to resemble a NASCAR pit crew with speed, efficiency & professionalism embedded into our core.

Kylan Easterling -365 Solutions Owner

Kylan Easterling

Born and raised in St. John’s County. Proud dad of three girls Carmen, Riley and Charley. 20 years of direct face to face customer service experience with homeowners in St. John’s and the surrounding areas. Excels at solving problems others can’t and connecting with homeowners by developing trusting relationships. Loves spending time with his family, reading, any kind of sports and helping people solve problems.

My goal for 365 Solutions is to show customers that their needs are our obsessions. We want to help homeowners solve problems 365 days a year. There really is no problem to small, if it’s important to you then it’s important to us. We want to create a work environment that people thrive in and that encourages them to be their best, so that we can go above and beyond for you! At 365 Solutions your problem is our priority!